Tatianna Saelens vs. Matthew Saelens

Snapshot 2010-12-23 10-34-16 Snapshot 2010-12-23 10-33-40 She says he’s a cheater. He says he only slept with her one time, and that his wife’s a gambler who got him fired by cussing his boss out. This had something to do with the fact that the boss was a lady with a crush on Matthew.

Apparently, she’s frozen him out for the past two years, too. So of course he was banging bosslady, right?

Oh, best part: Tatianna says she gambles because she “has visions.” Which would be totally awesome if she won. But Matthew says she doesn’t. Which makes those visions pretty much worthless.

The most juvenile part: Tatianna says she cheated on Matthew because Matthew cheated on her.


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