Stephanie Stokes vs. Ronald Stokes



Bad Father

Bad Father

Stephanie Stokes come right out the gate by saying that beneath that beautiful smile over there “is a total jackass.” They both work at Wal-Mart. She found out that Ronald was doing some dirty over in the “tires and lube aisle” after a couple months. “I held back as long as I could,” he says, citing a lack of comfort after a hard day of work. Instead, he married some dame who goes out with her friends and being “all deceitful to me.”

Turns out that “just this past Friday,” Ronald was supposed to go to a father/daughter dance. “He don’t show up at all! And that girl feels so bad about that!” she declares. He cites, “more than 30 hours of rain” that prevented him. Stephanie “told him to come Thursday before the rain!”

But don’t start thinking Ronald’s the only the bad one. Stephanie took her son over to her father’s house and ended up sleeping with said baby daddy. And then, he came back home to Ronald with crocodile tears. “I told him if you can’t forgive me, let’s just call it quits.”

They didn’t just call it quits.

“She’s like a lemon. She looks right (or ripe) but sour on the inside,” says Ronald, who didn’t say he loved her all that much or even stepped up and got her a Valentine’s Day present.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Stephanie did four months for writing bad checks. And that he was banging a white girl when she was in jail. A white girl that Stephanie’s daughter started calling the “mama” while calling Stephanie “Stephanie.”

Much more. But, I just can’t go on.

Good luck bouncing back from this one, humani

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