Stephanie Delgadillo vs. Sergio Alvarado

Picture 3 Picture 5 So, apparently tattooed-up, froggish-looking, tiny-toothed, dayside-poledancing replicant Stephanie Delgadillo makes fun of her husband Sergio Alvarado for having gained much weight since they exchanged vows.

They have a waterbed; she makes tsunami references.

He has moobs; she gave him a bra because he “needs motivation.”

Sergio displays his belt to prove he’s lost a little weight. It seems as if he wants to pull his dress shirt up, though. And that sends ripples of fear throughout the Divorce Court-room.


Got a nice rack though, so that counts for something. Stephanie, not Sergio. But it stops counting for much the minutes she starts talking. My Lord. Stephanie Delgadillo is not nearly to the point where she can get away with belittling someone else’s appearance and/or girth. She says “she looks good” for him; to be the trophy wife he wants. Well, he must want an honorable-mention participation trophy, because this ain’t no prize that came up in Judge Lynn’s room.

Then again, she brings pictures in of Sergio with some strange breastuses up in his mouth. This case is a never-ending blameshifter. But I can’t fault Sergio for suckling at another teet, even if it was part of his promoting gig, which Stephanie readily accepts. The way this “lady” who works at a “bikini bar” under the stage-name of “Sunday” because, in the words of at least one customer, “she’s easy like Sunday morning,” talks to and treats him would chase even Ward Cleaver astray.

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