Skye and Isiah Patterson: Part 2

Isiah and Skye

Isiah and Skye

Peanut and an Amazon after he done signed the divorce papers

Peanut and an Amazon after he done signed the divorce papers

Well, they’re picking up right where they left off yesterday, what with Skye coming out tha gate wit, “This (marriage) thing came to an end because this man, Isiah, aka Judas, betrayed me.” By betrayed, she means, “Took her to see a marriage counsellor who was really a lady who had their divorce papers waiting for Hancocks upon them,” right after they made some love and ate some dinner.

“How can you go into a law office and not know this isn’t a marriage counsellor?” Isiah retorts, before getting into some story about how he went to Myrtle Beach and when he got home, there was no soap. “Ya honah, if you talk to her for too long, you only axs for a few things. I axe for some food to be cook for me if you home and I axe that you love me and I axe that you that what we need is in tha house when we need it. That’s it. I don’t need anything else. That’s how I know you love me. If you can do that, we good.”

The day after the soap incident, claims Skye, he closed her out of some financial accounts. I can’t even pretend to want to pay attention as these two ingrates yell back and forth at one another. This Isiah, he’s really pissed off. Like, more than I’ve seen in a long while on this show. It’s pretty much evident now that he’s just one of those attention-needy Napoleons who get all huffy when they women don’t fawn over them at every turn.

Thank God it’s almost over.

But not before Skye’s story about how “everybody knows I wear wigs.” And how one day Isiah snatched her cell phone out her hand. And then, the wig off his head. “How funny is that?” she says. “And then took the hair out.” He denies this, of course, saying how he just got mad that she was talking loud to one of her girlfriends about their situation.

This one is better suited for Family Court, maybe even Municipal Court. Because if these two ever go back to living together, two people are going to enter that pad, but only one’s going to leave. I need to go clear my head. This isn’t entertainment. It’s ass-end psychology.

Bonus coverage: The reruns during the two-parter (which didn’t deserve two parts) were Elizabeth vs. Sunny Giran and Angel vs. Mike Bullock.

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