Sheena Harrison vs. Floyd Armstead

Snapshot 2011-01-14 22-53-27 Snapshot 2011-01-14 22-52-51 Here’s the thing about why it’s ok to think Sheena Harrison is a soulless pig: She gives her husband Floyd Armstead guff when he says she texted him to share the fact that she’d cheated. This, because she called him to share that information.

Look-challenged whore.

Sure, Floyd’s no charm. “A crybaby of a man,” says the type of triple-necked chick who still uses the phrase “home girls.” The type of moron who cried when she told him his shirt was ugly, though he denies it. A few minutes into this, I’m pretty sure Sheena’s the man and Floyd’s the woman in this relationship. I can’t imagine Floyd’s “home boys” will let this go without some hardcore mockery.

Oh, the friend that Sheena brings in as a witness? Judge Lynn sees right through her as an annoying bitch, too. And I better not get an email saying “we were acting” for this one. They aren’t. Sheena’s friend just ain’t a good person, either.

All that said, I want to feel for Floyd here. I can’t, because he seems annoying. And he seems like a pussy when he asks for $2,500 for emotional distress. But, at least he’s not a bad person like the beast he chose to marry.

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