RIP Scarlet Overkill (2016-2023)

Back in April 2016, I wrote a piece for a local website with the headline “Behold the cutest puppy in Philadelphia history,” and the cutest puppy in Philadelphia history our beloved Scarlet Overkill most certainly was.

Unfortunately, today, I write another piece with the heartbreaking, devastating and tragic news that Scarlet left us this morning, some seven years after coming into our lives.

She was fine Monday morning.

She wasn’t fine Monday night.

And she was gone Tuesday morning.

Hemangiosarcoma — a word we hadn’t heard before this week but it a rather common scourge that takes our beautiful pets away from us well before they should leave — had made it impossible for her to carry on.

We don’t think she suffered, and that’s a blessing.

But the fact that she’s gone is a painful reality with which we won’t soon come to terms.

Scarlet was the friendliest dog I’d ever met. She just loved attention. She just loved us. And we just loved her unconditionally.

I can’t really write much more right now, as the pain is still raw and the loss still acute. If there is an afterlife, I hope Scarlet is as happy as can be there, and bringing others the kind of joy that she brought us.

I’m just devastated, and I’ll miss her forever.

RIP, Scarlet. I wish we had much more time with you than we got, but am happy that we spent it with you.

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