RIP, Gypsy Joles



For all my Divorce Court readers out there, you may recall back in November when the case of Gypsy Joles vs. Honey Joles reached our TV sets. Well, yesterday I received a couple of comments about the case from, apparently, their daughter …

lily joles said…
thats my parents, thank you for hating. Not to burst your bubble, but 99% of what they said was fake. You honestly thought we’d involve a cent of true info about our heritage on public television? These are my PARENTS. We lie about plenty, yet still maintaining wonderful friendships with insiders. we after all wouldn’t want the gorgias in on our true life. everythings a hustle, including divorce court. You think im going to complain about a free flight to hollywood and a badass suite and relaxation for 4 days. Nahhhhh.
It was fun.
kushti bach–
–lily joles.
February 13, 2010 4:23 AM

Anonymous said…
To clear things up, My mother can’t handle a tid bit of schnapps in her drink. Her alcohol tolerance was so low half a bud light and she would be done. My dad is the one to worry about. a six pack during work and a forty oz of corona after? probably not too good. My mom loves to play pool. we lived right next door to an asian owned bar and they let us play unlimited games of pool in exchange for a couple piercings. This episode was all so fake, we already had the tattoo shop, made bank off of it, and moved the fuck away. 🙂 Gypsy was murdered in Dec… case you didnt know…
February 13, 2010 4:27 AM

To which I say, damn, somebody killed Gypsy less than a month after he was on air?! Alas, it’s so. There’s video here.

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  1. Hedda
    August 18, 2011 at 00:15

    I appreciate the ‘knowing’ I can say i’ve gained from my experience with the “before and after”, as with anything in this life…Tynce was a good a sense,misunderstood…pushed…and inexperienced with certain aspects of life…
    It is what it is…i mourn the loss of this chapter…miss my sister, who once was my best ‘sole’ everything…I don’t know what else to feelings/thoughts can do no justice at this point.

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