#RichKids of Beverly Hills Vol. 2

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Episode two of E!’s game-changing “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” starts off with Ladies Dorothy, Morgan and Roxy shopping and then getting their nails done.

“My rules are very straightforward, I don’t understand: Your nails need to be done,” Morgan declares. “Literally. I’ll never forget it. I was seven years old. My mom said, ‘You need to get your nails done. You can never have chipped nails. It looks like you have dirty underwear. So, everytime my nails are chipped, I hide them. Every Monday, they’re done.”

Upon realizing that manicures are “for sure my favorite thing to do,” she insightfully wonders aloud whether she needs more interesting hobbies.

For her part, Dorothy is talking about moving out of one of her parents’ dozens of homes so she can establish some, like, self sufficiency (my word, not hers). That’s a noble goal. One that would in all likelihood be funded by said parents who are often out of town anyway.

Brendan, the balding realtor boyfriend of Morgan, is on hand for their looks at properties for Dorothy to move into. The $3m pricetag makes her realize that, hey, these houses require upkeep and who can keep up with either a) cleaning or b) arranging for someone to come in and clean. These are issues to which all can relate.

Anyway, Roxy — the throw-in — has a dog accessory named Leechie or something. It seems they’re both getting cutoff from the endless-currency fountain. Aw. Poor things.

At another stop, Dorothy and Morgan “check the selfie lighting.” (She has bunny ears on her iPhone). It seems as if the price ($3.2 million) matters less than whether good Instagram selfies can be taken. This is a common challenge faced by realtors, I’m sure.

Talk turns to Daddy Wang.

“He has this fear of me turning into this ‘princessy person,'” explains Dorothy. “Even though I have things, I was never babied. I’ve had nice cars, but they were never presented to me with a bow. I’ve been very lucky to have parents who’ve provided me with everything I wanted, and I don’t want them to think I ever take it for granted. He doesn’t want me to get too out-of-touch with reality but I tell him, ‘This is my reality. Wake up dad!'”

Onto the bikini pool party. This is the first time in the series where that who Boobs & Loubs inspiration falls into focus.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 8.55.18 AM Here, Roxy faces the pain of being cut off and how she won’t be able to keep up with her friends and all and she’s so damn stressed about it all and she turns to sister Morgan for guidance. Facts of the matter: She will be taken care of in all facets of life; it’s just the WAM spending cash is being scaled back.

That’s why she turns to the pinata until her “hands hurt” after, like a swing.


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