Presenting “Philly Girl Fight,” In Which Jasmine And Krystal Work Out Their Differences The 215 Way

Writes videographer “jocelynnkaylaaaa” in response to some negative comments on this here slice of Americana caught on film, “you just sound so FUCKING retarted. you’re talking about how the girls in my video are hoodrats and they’re trashy, but you’re the one looking up girl fights and watching them…… so what the FUCK does that FUCKING make you? exactly. you’re every bit as immature and “trashy” as´╗┐ they are. oh & did ya like my FUCKING language? ;)”

Shame I didn’t catch any street signs. All we’re left to do is presume this is somewhere in the lower Northeast and presuming is so FUCKING retarted. (sic)

Also, what’s up with Lady Eighties-Hair in the background? So many questions.

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