Olymphia vs. Michael Hutchinson

Picture 3 Picture 4 Olymphia Hutchinson says Michael valued his grandmother over their children, calls her 13-year-old son fat, overweight, etc. Michael Hutchinson counters that the kid’s 5’7″, 200 pounds, a “40 in the waist.” He complains that Olymphia doesn’t get along with his grandmother, who doesn’t much seem to like her anyway.

They been married two years. When she called the grandma to tell her she was pregnanat with a great-grandson, she responed, “Any dog can have a pup.”

Michael’s got them braids going on. Bejeweled hair n’shit. Olymphia tried to steal dat beanpole’s
– SSI check one time, too, because he don’t like paying bills. She keeps his bootleggin’ homeboy’s number in her phone under the name Tanisha, too. One time, there was some flirt bidness going on at a bar. Michael took a shine to a biggin who sounds as if she was a babymama. Suffice it to say, Olymphia — who looks like she can hold her own — was not about to mix it up with big mama. Respec’.

Entertaining, but country.

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