Not Liking What Furious 7 Represents Apparently Means I’m A ‘Low Life, Scum Bag (Sic)’

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Since we live in a time of trigger-warning debates, today is a perfect time to share mine: I don’t like seeing people drive like maniacs whether on the roadways, big screens or televisions.

Far be it from me to kick and scream and cry about how such behavior has no place in fictional works; I respect the fact that crazy driving is an integral part of the action-film oeuvre. But as someone who nearly died at the bumper, hood and/or windshield of an irresponsible (albeit unknown) driver, it’s well within my right to chastise those who make light of it. I don’t cower in fear; I engage.

Which brings us to today: Friday, April 3, 2015, aka the date that Furious 7 hits American theaters.

Some people like this low-mental-cal fare. I do not (see above).

And, I said as much today via the social-media site Twitter.

Apparently some people don’t respect my right to having that opinion.

That list includes people like “Rex Simontacchi” of the Tweet and brotastic photo atop this post.

I don’t know “Mr. Simontacchi” or the wonderful website for which he writes.

I don’t know him from Twitter, either, as, never having interacted with him there, he blocked me from seeing what can only be wonderfully enlightening content. See:

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Pity that blocking.

I’d have loved to let him know that the proper phrasing of his ultra-intellectual commentary would have been “lowlife (or low-life) scumbag,” and respectfully ask him not to judge, say, a rape victim who isn’t keen on seeing The Accused.

Here’s my big ask: If you do know “Mr. Simontacchi”, do let him know Paul Walker, the late star of that film franchise, died as a direct result of the irresponsible driving glorified in those movies, and how it’s a scientific certainty that others have died, killed or been maimed by mimicking the stunts they’ve seen on the screen. It’s fair to mourn; it’s unfair to mourn without admitting fiction bled into real-life tragedy.

Oh, please ask him to drive safely, too.

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