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Mrs. Cheese

Mrs. Cheese

Nadja Goins is relatively hot by Divorce Court standards, so I’m more inclined to believe anything she says in the first place. But I don’t think that bias comes into play when, in Judge Toler’s Divorce Court, Nadja explains that Patrick flushed two grand of her jewelry down the toilet. And that Patrick, the son of revered author Donald Goines, uses going out to the clubs in order to sell books (he’s also an author) when he readily admits that, well, he doesn’t really sell books at the club.
Asked if he sees Amazon spikes from his clubbing, he said, “Yes I do because my books are about the street, are about things that pertain and what happen in the streets.”
To which Nadja (who is sure to land me some emails asking if I know how to get in touch with her; the answer’s no, gents) asks, “How can you network at 5 in tha morning in tha club with the music bangin, you got girls hangin, how can you network, who can you talk to?”
This is from a lady who met her husband at the club. “I grew up. I’m a mother now,” she explains.
What I don’t understand is the connection between being at the club and selling extra books online. Unless there’s some Amazon stands that I haven’t seen out in the Badlands of North Philly, that is.
“I’m proud of being married,” the weeping dame says. “But he tells girls he’s single. He’s not single. He said it will sell him more books.”
Then, inexplicably, Patrick is all, “Everybody calls me ‘Cheez.’ They’ll say, ‘This is Cheez.’ It just a nicknayme. They call me Cheez,” says Cheez, who then explains that he wants Mrs. Cheez back. But rather than getting into all those shenanigans, I’ll offer, in closing, some bling Cheez says cost about as much as Cheez’s Hummer.
The perfect Valentine's Day gift

The perfect Valentine's Day gift

4 comments for “Nadja Goines vs Patrick Goines

  1. Nadja
    February 11, 2010 at 16:05

    Hi Philly,

    Well, thank you for saying that I was relatively hot (by Divorce Courts standards). This was taped beginning of last year and I have since then moved to Sweden…and oh, yes I forgot to tell you…I’m now divorced from Mr Goines!

    Best Regards,


  2. February 11, 2010 at 16:14

    Anytime, Nadya. Hope Sweden’s treating you well.

  3. patrickgoines
    February 15, 2010 at 15:39

    First off Divorce Court is fake every thing about it is fake,most of what we talked about they did not even show,it was so cut up it made me look like a ass! Me and Nadja are Divorce! And I have a new life now. Yes she is in Sweden with our kids, and they are doing fine.
    Best Regards
    Patrick Goines

    For all who would like a copy of the uncut Dvd of us on Divorce Court that shows the real deal email me

  4. hue
    September 22, 2010 at 22:30

    Having just seen this episode , let me say this . I can not get Nadja out of my head ! She was so poised and true spoken . Nadja , you are beautiful ! This fool has lost something special for sure .

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