My War Against Irresponsible Drivers Continued Today

(Photo by Matthew Grady)

(Photo by Matthew Grady)

So, I went out and caught a whole lot of people speeding in and around Philadelphia for a week in May. The story ran on NewsWorks today. Hope you’ll go and check it out.

The best part of it? A sergeant with the Philadelphia Police tells me that they’ll likely go out on a radar detail in the fall based on what we’ve found.

“With the nice weather, knowing everybody would be back out there, the joggers, the bicyclists, we’re trying to make it a little safer for them, and for people coming in and out of the city,” Stermel said. Some drivers “could care less about pedestrians and bicyclists, but we just don’t need anybody getting killed out there. As long as our manpower lets us, we’re going to continue to do this.”

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