Mid-Week Sports, Etc. Round-Up



• They’re inmates at the Indiana Women’s Prison, hired to sew the official 2012 Super Bowl patch on each of the scarves as they’re collected. [IndyStar.com]

• “SO COACH REID GOT TOTTTTTALLY PUNKED ON HIS CHOICE TO START KOLB, THAT WAS A TOTTTTAL UPER MANAGEMENT CALL JUST LIKE GETTING RID OF MCNAB….TRUST ME I KNOW,” Mitchell said on Facebook while butchering the King’s English. [Freddie Mitchell tweet via OTRSportsOnline.com]
For what it’s worth, I’ve always thought Freddie got a bum deal here. But he’s wrong on this one. Reid’s on the hot seat, and he made the move to win games. Simple as that.

• Goalkeeper Donaldo Morales shot at a journalist with an air gun after he felt he was unfairly criticised in the Honduran sports daily Diez, it has been revealed. [Metro.co.uk]

• In just six weeks, Arizonans will vote on Prop 203: an initiative that will bring medical marijuana to Arizona. But not if the Arizona Cardinals have anything to do with it. The NFL football team donated $10,000 of the team’s money last week to opponents of Prop 203 and medical marijuana in Arizona. [FDL Action]

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