Meet Larry, who is very open about his racist tendencies

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Watched that bad-boys-bad-boys-whacha-gonna-do show for about 10 minutes the other night. And what a lucky break that turned out to be. Otherwise, I’d have never had the pleasure of seeing Larry hold court about his thoughts on other races and his own criminal history.

Don’t take my word for it. Take Larry’s. If you don’t watch all 6:43 of this — which I highly recommend you do — here are a few highlights:

• 0:57: “He said, uh, ‘I’m sorry to tell ya, man, I’m racist.’ Said he can’t fix that problem because he been racist his whole life. I said ‘No problem.’ I have him a hug.”

• 3:30: Have you been to prison before? “Yes sir, for burning a church. Five [years].” (He later notes, at the five-minute mark, that anger, not alcohol, fueled the torching.)

• 5:15: Larry and the officer discuss the agg-assault for which he just got released from prison a week and a half earlier. Officer: “Let me ask you this, Larry, the person whose throat you cut, what race were they?” Larry (puffs cheeks, shrugs, rolls eyes): “I hate [edited out].”

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