McNabb, Halladay … and Hopkins

Yeah, yeah, I know the sporting-news world ain’t really focused on what was apparently an average fight from Saturday night, but this just in from Bernard Hopkins’ camp, anyway: He’s out of the hospital and there’s no evident damage.
Good news on both fronts …

Philadelphia, PA (April 5)…After his unanimous victory Saturday night over Roy Jones Jr., two division world champion Bernard Hopkins, was taken to University Medical Center immediately following the fight after receiving a severe and illegal rabbit punch to the back of his head in the sixth round of the 12-round bout. Hopkins was released early Sunday morning after receiving a clean bill of health from doctors who examined him thoroughly as all tests administered revealed negative results including a CAT scan.

“I appreciate the concerns from all of my fans and I want to let them know that I am alright and glad to be home,” said Hopkins. “It was a hard and scrappy fight which got much harder after the sixth round when I started seeing spots after he hit me with that illegal punch in the back of my head. The doctors at the hospital told me the punch landed at the stem of the brain which effect both vision and balance. It wasn’t easy to get adjusted after that so I fought on instinct and heart, choosing to keep fighting like the Champion I am, when others maybe would have quit.

Hopkins continued. “It wasn’t the prettiest performance of my career and Roy’s style of not really wanting to fight didn’t make it easy for me to perform at the level of my ability which I feel is still there. I am okay, thanks to my fans for the support and you can all still expect great things from me in the future.”

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2 comments for “McNabb, Halladay … and Hopkins

  1. April 5, 2010 at 18:56

    God, who hits the brain stem? That is just to painful to be a mistake.

  2. April 5, 2010 at 20:37

    I have some downtime this week — and an unnatural interest in the intricacies of brain injuries — so I’ll try to look into the history of brain-stem punches. Will advise with what I learn. (May have to wait till I see the fight, though.)

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