Marquita Lowe vs. Dana Everett

Snapshot 2011-01-12 17-42-05 Snapshot 2011-01-12 17-41-04 These two have been married for three weeks. She said he’s jealous because she’s a model. An implied nude model, or something like that. He doesn’t have a problem with her taking pictures; he just thinks they should be hanged around the house if she’s gonna put them on her website. “If they’re cute, I wanna show them off!” she said.

He says the mother of his two children owes him four grand that she gambled away.

She gets mad at him for not looking at chicks at strip clubs or grocery stores, too. She also may have been playin’ around on sugar-daddy websites to find “investors.” Dana uses airquotes when he repeats investors, too. And Marquita tells stories about one sugar daddy who would text her. Her parents don’t like him, she says, “because he’s not rich.”

There are six or seven pictures of her hanging around the house, too. Like, big ones. Poster-sized n’shit. With no pics of the children around. “How much Marquita can I take, though?” Dana says. “Can I get a break?”!

He has rap aspirations. Name’s “Megaman” or something. She calls him a “divo.”

Oh, Dana thought the relationship would get better (and she’d stop burning through his money) if they got married.

Hahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha.

Hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahhaha haha.

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