Lord Christie Needs New Fiefdom, Chooses Atlantic City

Christ almighty, this is rich: Chris Christie says he told A.C. to get safe or else. In His estimation, they chose “else.” Since I know more about A.C. than the round mound of Trenton ground ever will, I’ll just recycle a Tweet from this morning…

Does the state take-over of A.C. include a man-made mountain just off Chicken Bone Beach with a O @GovChristie Redentor statue atop it?

Which makes me wonder whether Bizarro Napoleon knows 1) the statue to which I refer without googling variations of it and 2) the beach to which I refer without asking his serfs to fan out and find Him an answer. (Hint: It’s in Christlantic City.) Thank Jeebus I have a trip to Vegas every couple of years because A.C.’s dead in the profiteering rubble and that substantially sucks because I really, really love that town.

Make that “loved” that town. Hello Sugarhouse!

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