‘Little Women: LA’ Episode 6: Boob Jobs And Booty Dance Music-Video Drama

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“I always wanted to have bigger boobs. I want to be prettier for my husband, for myself and for job that I do,” says Russian LWLAdy Elena at the onset of this week’s episode of Little Women: LA.

The camera does a slow pan up Elena’s frame as she poses this line of conversation to Briana, who has apparently resized her breastuses in the past.

Elena proceeds to feel Briana’s titties, one of which is a B cup, the other a C.

This serves as a segue in to Terra asking her like-sized pals to join her in performing a $10K music video. It’s called “Booty Bee,” or the “Booty Dance.” She says it will include “fun twerking and things I know everybody is good at.” The inspiration for this was how little people are eye-level with butts all day. This is deep, yo.

They all up for this, though Elena is worried that her twerking is not up to snuff and it might be tacky. Oh, and Christy, who’s still pissed that Terra “questioned [her] sobriety” last week.

She’s gonna gum shit up by trying to talk the other LWLAdies out of participation via Terra-excluded group texts. She “doesn’t want to be associated with a music video that involves shaking butts.” She’s the kitteny worst.

Here is frustrated Terra in the recording studio:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.32.05 PM

Here’s Christy trying to help Terra and (I think) Brianna work on the moves ahead of the performance (she wouldn’t back out on helping friends even if she’s not gonna be part of the video. Duh.

Terra et al are now hosting auditions for right-sized background dancers of limited talent levels. Except this one, who wasn’t rhythmically challenged like some peers of both male and female persuasions …

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.45.19 PM

You know, I’ve watched a half dozen episodes of this show now and I’m not exactly sure why they’re making it. What’s the end game here? Sympathy? Normalcy? Little Ladies: They’re just like us, if us is people with unclear streams of income have time to prance about for Lifetime reality-show cameras?

Oh, screw it: I’m looking too deeply here.

Let’s get back to Elena’s Quest For Bigger Breastuses. And Christy talking about how breathing tubes for anesthesia don’t fit in little people throats the way they do for the normals, so it makes going under a bit riskier.

Then, they start playing with the various kinds of implants.


Soon, it’s music video time. The LWLAdies are dressed as Cirque du Stripclub hybrids. Really getting close to fetish tease-clip land tbqh. You got prickbag Joe back there on the drums with a mink coat and facial-hair sculpture. You got an autotuned cut that sounds like a low-end commercial soundtrack. And you got wee hands smacking Terra’s jiggly ass through fishnets.

Oh, Christy and The Todd show up at the video “premiere” “party” and Terra ain’t be wanting any part of it. This shit’s gonna keep going on and on and on without even a semblance of compelling script narrative.

I mean, The Todd’s getting mouthy as fuck as if the lady who trapped him into proposing can’t defend herself. smdh.

Blah, blah, blah, here’s the video. Fair warning: It’s horrible …

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