Let’s revisit a Divorce Court classic, shall we?

GetAttachment-2.aspx Travel back with me to a simpler time. ‘Twas Oct. 13, 2009 when the Divorce Court case pitting Lori Tracy vs. Daymon Tracy aired. Or, as I deemed it at the time, Lady “whose yelling and hollering made me want to duct-tape either her mouth or my ears shut’ vs. Gent who “looks like the central-casting version of “Guy in Van at Playground Asking Kids to Help Him Find His Lost Puppy.”

To be sure, Lori quickly responded, and it warranted its own post. It also brought about a Facebook friendship which, today, enabled me to read this status update:

my ex gets to spend the next 30 days in jail. Thats what ya get for messing w/ me!

You betcha I asked her to expound for a Divorce Court update (re-run season has been rough, hasn’t it?)

And you betcha Lori responded. Here, verbatim, is what she had to say about messin w/ her!

Here’s the short version: We went to the normal court here in Wisconsin. He agreed to a marital settlement that included paying the energy bill, our former landlord and $1,500 of the maintenance (he was ordered more but I settled w/ that). He signed the papers voluntarily. That was a year ago.

Fast forward to today: The judge tells him he has to get a job and start making payments. Finds him in contempt in March, but lifts the jail sentence providing that he finds work and starts paying the bills. June comes along, no money paid. STILL no money paid. Judge is fed up and reinstates the jail order. This is his SECOND time in jail for the EXACT same offense. (He was found guilty of pergury and contempt last year as well.)

More about how incredibly STUPID that man is: I spoke with him Tuesday and he told me that whenever he goes to talk to a potential employer, he tells them that he has to keep going to court and jail for contempt. Who does that kind of thing? He then tells me that they are then telling him that they can’t hire him cause he has too much on his plate.

I mean, c’mon already. You don’t tell a potential employer something like that. It’s like he is firing himself before he even gets the job. The boy goes through jobs the way your baby goes through diapers. He has had more jobs in the time I’ve known him than I have had in my entire LIFE!

This is what happens when you lie to a real judge in the real world!

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