Latorsia Ivey vs Brandon Hewlett vs Mr. Oliver

Latorsia loves sex, Latorsia loves sex not...

Latorsia loves sex, Latorsia loves sex not...

Brandon likes sex, Brandon likes sex some more...

Brandon likes sex, Brandon likes sex some more...

Oh Lordie Lordie, what we have here between Latorsia Ivey and Brandon Hewlett are tales of sex addiction, widespread cheating, hocked wedding rings and not knowing for certain who the father of a child is. Yep, one of those jawns. So let’s get to it.

“He was a horrible, horrible husband to me,” says Latorsia right out tha gate. “Not to mention that he might not be the father of my child. I know it sounds bad and everything, but me and Brandon were separated. I was moving on with my life. He was a sex addict. When we moved in together, we had to watch porno every time we had sex.”

Cut to Brandon. He’s smirking one of those “I can’t go full smile here, but I want to” smirks and nods. Latorsia goes on.

“Then, if that wuddn’t good enough, we had to have sex four, five times a day. If he didn’t get it four, five times a day, he got real mad, attitude. Like I was some kinda bunny or somethin’. Just wuddn’t happenin. And sex was not good! Be good at what you do! I’m just sayin!”

Cut back to Brandon, who thinks Latorsia doesn’t respect his rules that she’s supposed to “Keep the King Happy.”

“You ain’t no King!” she retorts.

“The rule was that when I want sex we supposed to have sex because I earned the sex. I deserve the sex. And I’m good at it,” says Brandon.

“You ain’t good at sex,” she says, adding that he was not “kingly at home. Too controlling.”

Brandon said he needs to keep an eye on her because when he didn’t keep an eye on her, she gits into stuff. Like going out with one of his close elementary-school friends and gittin it on: “Ok, ok, yeah, that happened.” The judge couldn’t understand why, with a complaint that her husband wants too much sex, she runs out and has sex. I couldn’t either. (But I totally dig how they started using fan comments on the screen during the show. This is going to get absolutely boss with the quickness.)

Oh, onto the babydaddity test. She’s now engaged to the dude (Mr. Oliver) who thinks that the kid who Brandon thinks is his is actually his. Make sense?

Mr. Oliver actually seems like a stand-up guy

Mr. Oliver actually seems like a stand-up guy

Mr. Oliver was seeing her for a couple days before she came down with the pregnant. “I didn’t want it to be” Brandon’s, she said. Brandon, who found out a child was born when she came back to town with it, seems hurt by all the “this shorty is not yours” bidness. Seems as if Latorsia never told Mr. Oliver that the child might not be his, either. “Yeah, it hurt me. It crushed me,” says Mr. Oliver. There’s apparently another dude out there with whom she has a child, too.

So, this is the point where I break it on down: Latorsia is an evil ingrate who cares about nothing but herself. I hope Mr. Oliver gets the sense to just walk away, and take the baby that ended up being his in the end with him. Pray for father and son’s well-being. They’re going to need all the intervention it can get.

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