Kneel Before Your Tangelo God Vol. II: Steve Keeley Is All Up In Your Grill

Remember yesterday, when I was pleased to announce that a picture I’d Tweeted of open-shirted and unusually hued Roger Daltrey was used to accompany a Yahoo! story about His appearance on the 121212 Concert? Well today, I’m pleased to announce that wonderphotog HughE. Dillon shared a closeup of Fox29’s Tangelo Prince Steve Keeley this morning, along side an attractive blonde lady with her nose crinkled up all adorably cute and such.

I feel compelled to share this with the class. Fellow Keeley monitors will understand this. Also, be sure to check out HughE’s site. That bolded plug is brought to you by my unease about poaching valuable Keeley art without offering something by way of recompense.

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