Kirsten “Bridezilla” Stiff and Seth Walker

Picture 1 Picture 2 These two were on Bridezillas. I knew it THE SECOND I saw this crazy, crazy, crazy broad. It was one of those unforgettable episodes. She was, like, a performer or play actress or some shit like that and she was looooooooony loony loony. I remember something about her refusing to pay the band, too. In fact, I’m pretty sure she made The Soup end-of-year countdown. She plays the “I’m pregnant” card” before Judge Toler, too. This guy doesn’t have a chance.

Here are a couple videos to get you up to speed first:

Alright, deep breath here. Let’s get into the episode.

Kirsten walks into Divorce Court like a prima donna walking A Mighty Wind runway. Her voice is as annoying as I recall it being.

She says things haven’t turned out as perfectly as she thought they would. He’s mean and nasty and makes her throw “elegant cocktail parties” for his friends on 15-minutes notice.

How has Seth even lasted a year? I thought he broke up with her on the wedding night? Well, he says she pulls a Scarlett O’Hara thing.

“The only way I can look good in her eyes is to go over to someone, smack them with a leather glove and then challenge them to a duel the next morning,” Seth — poor, poor Seth — explains.

“Maybe if you stood up for me, though things wouldn’t even happen,” Kirsten responds.


I’d like to think that they’re acting. That they’re reality show fame-whores. But what would the endgame be of acting like this? I can’t think of anything but delusion. Well, a delusional kind of “let’s play crazy couple and maybe we can get on these shows forever and ever Amen!”

She talks in baby talk, but for her regular talk. It’s almost like she never evolved beyond backyard tea parties with her dollies. And Seth ain’t no better. There is NO WAY you can miss these behavioral defects. I suspect it has something to do with Kirsten being absolutely insane in the sack. That’s the way these types tend to be. Zero inhibitions. But that’s absolutely, positively no reason to get into this kind of mix.

So, Kirsten pulls some sort of “I’m teaching kids how not to be bullies and he takes a job photographing women in bikinis and hid it from me so that means I’m being bullied by my husband.” She starts fake crying at this point.

“He screams at me. He definitely screams at me. Even when people are on the phone. He doesn’t even know how to text message,” she says. I don’t even know what one has to do with the other.

Takes a serious turn when she gets to talking about a miscarriage. “He was more happy when I had a miscarriage than he was when I was pregnant,” she says.

“I was not overjoyed at all about that,” Seth admits. “No, I wasn’t [happy that she was pregnant] but realistically, we have three dogs and a cat. The one is…”

“Well then we’re about to have a baby because I’m pregnant. I found out yesterday,” Kirstin interrupts, taking about a second for her to say all those words. And that’s when Scott starts rubbing his eyes because he didn’t know about said meeting of seed and lunacy egg.

“Perfect timing,” he says.

“He doesn’t answer his phone,” she says.

“I’m a little stunned, honestly,” he says.

“I want a family,” she says, “but I didn’t mean to get pregnant right now because it’s not working out at all with us. Maybe it’s because I’ve been over-excitable. I know I’m overdramatic. I just can’t…”

Judge Lynn asks why she doesn’t work on that whole quirk. Kirsten says she does. By trying to be calmer. “Maybe that’s not enough,” JL says.

Gee, ya think?

Then, she admits that she didn’t even know people paid water bills. Which led him to start screaming.

“The dog even gets scared when he screams,” she says. And then starts crying again.

Seth retorts that their water got shut off because she overspends on the dog.

When they get to talking about her spending $2,000 on hair extensions, she corrects him that she spent $1,875.

“He doesn’t let me have them anymore,” she says as a picture of her with hair extensions is put up in court. “See how cute I am?!”

Him: “They were probably from yak or something, some other weird animal.”

Her: “It wasn’t a yak!”

Judge Lynn: “Screaming at people who aren’t feeling well (she gestures to her head) doesn’t help. You need to get people who aren’t feeling well some help.”

Her: Scoff cry.

JL: “You’re not feeling well, Mrs. Walker. And it’s ok. There’ve been times in my life when I haven’t felt well, but I don’t run around spreading my bad feelings around. What I do is handle it.”

Her: “These are real stories, your honor.”

JL: “I know they’re real but they’re not as extraordinary and upsetting as you seem to be by them. You’re taking life’s ordinary bumps in the road and you’re making real big roller coasters …”

Kirsten’s face is now contorting between tears and crazy smirks and cold, icy stares.

Her: “Actually, HE IS!”

JL: “No, it’s you. And, there’s nothing wrong with it except it’s not good for you and it’s not good for the baby.”

Then, Kirsten flips out their whole walk out of the courtroom.

“Now everybody in the world’s going to think I’m completely crazy monster,” she says.

Couldn’t have summarized it any better myself.

Sweet Jesus, this does NOT end well. There’s not a single chance that it could. I would cut myself from ear to ear if I was married to this wide-eyed, horse-jawed, twitchy beast.

9 comments for “Kirsten “Bridezilla” Stiff and Seth Walker

  1. Samarah
    August 9, 2011 at 11:07

    This girl is a tv hoe they were on peoples court because she wouldn’t pay the band @ the wedding!!!

  2. Debbi
    August 9, 2011 at 11:13

    This crazy woman was not only on Bridezilla and divorce court but was also on I believe “People’s Court” suing the poor band she hired for her wedding..and she won that case! she is a real wing nut!

  3. Diana
    August 9, 2011 at 11:16

    My brain performed the same function as yours the second I heard that VOICE! I too had seen the Bridezillas episode, but couldn’t remember where I’d heard that same voice. So i looked it up and found this. lol

  4. Missy
    August 9, 2011 at 14:33

    On my life……I cannot figure out why “any man” would marry such a phony, cry-baby…”spoiled brat”, let alone put up with her “selfish bubble world”. She needs a year of boot camp and a SERIOUS reality break. As a US citizen, she makes us Americans look like a joke and a laughing-stock!
    She is an embarrassment and SHOULD NOT be on TV!
    Poor Seth~! Her loud mouth ways always try to make him out to be the bad guy! Give me a break!

  5. Paula Karr
    August 9, 2011 at 17:04

    I don’t normally watch Divorce Court, but it was on just now at the salon where I was getting my nails done. I totally cracked up – first Bridezillas, then on one of the court shows when the bandleader sued them for not paying, now Divorce Court.

    The only thing left is TruTV on a live trial when he’s arrested for murdering her. But there’s not a jury in the country who would convict him – he’d get off on justifiable homicide if her TV appearances could be placed into evidence. They’d probably give him a medal.

    I don’t normally condone violence – but this woman could make me change my mind.

  6. Maria
    August 9, 2011 at 17:23

    I just saw this episode today and i remembered her from Bridzilla because she is without a doubt the most mentally unstable person i had ever seen on that show. With a bit of histrionic, borderline and narcissistic personality disorders combined, she makes for one difficult client for the best psychologist. He has to be a dependent personality to stay with someone like that because i imagine if one loved themselves at all one would not put up with that ish. Sadly i’m now very curious what happens to these 2 and if she’s really preggers or lied for the drama. I kinda hope they get they’re own reality show “living with crazy.”

  7. jamiec
    June 15, 2013 at 00:59

    She’s also on bridzilla boot camp. I really hope he divorces her

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