Kelly Baker vs. Freddie Jenkins

10 - Baker vs Jenkins_1297439380874 10 - Baker vs Jenkins_1297439411003 Freddie Jenkins may wear some hype shirts, but Kelly Baker says he’s possessive and controlling to the point that he calls people from her cellphone bill to find out whether they ever tapped dat. She wants $12K for school loans and $1,200 for scrubs since he got her thrown out of school. He says she’s deceiving. Maxed out his cards after he put her on his accounts.

“I had every right to, your honor,” Freddie says of the cell-phone accusations because he pays the bill. He don’t trust her. Says her relatives told him not to marry her. She says he nagged her to get married.

There’s talk of her conspiring to get him robbed on payday, though she denies it.

She brings a friend — actually, the godmother of their kid — in who testifies that anytime they go out, Freddie be calling to check in all the time. There’s also discussion about his drinking. And how she gots other dudes text messaging her, “When can I get some more of that good stuff.”

He reminds me of Vince’s dad on Friday Night Lights, but talking 5-outta-10 angry all the time. Kelly says he has the name of another child tattooed on him, but claims the kid ain’t his. Sweet Christ Almighty. He says his final straw came when the three-year-old daughter came up to him saying she “met mommy’s new husband.”

The viewer question today is: Freddie claims he never left his children alone, do you think he’s a good father? Wow.

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