JoAnn vs. Douglas Henyan

Picture 3 Picture 5 Douglas Henyan and JoAnn Henyan are getting divorced after 37 years. JoAnn says Douglas is so cheap that he waters down the detergent so it’ll last longer. Well Douglas, he’s the type of dude who pulls a Before-and-After panties show-and-tell exhibit to show what her JoAnn’s unmentionables looked like yesteryear in comparison.

And, for fuck’s sake if the Henyan’s aren’t somehow tied in to the October divorce-court case of Ashleye Deleva vs. Don Deleva. It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. Oh, they’re Ashleye’s parents and Don’s former in-laws. Both of them testify.

Anyway, Douglas Henyan is a total dickbag. He measures her mileage. And JoAnn’s no spring peach, either. She runs up credit-card bills while collecting unemployment.

I can’t even listen to these fucking people for five minutes without wanting to cut myself. But, Ashleye’s still pretty hot, so I’ll watch it on mute. Oh, she’s off after the commercial break. And when they come back, Douglas is talking about trying to tap JoAnn’s ass, which he hasn’t in five years (according to him) or five months (according to her, who says he has poor hygiene).

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