Jerry Chambers vs. Patsy Chambers

Snapshot 2011-01-06 06-57-31 Snapshot 2011-01-06 06-56-56 Hey, these two were on Divorce Court before. I NEVER forget a man who wears a lime-green leisure suit! So, how has everything been going since Jerry and Patsy Chambers’ last appearance in Judge Lynn’s Divorce Court? Um, not well, since Jerry’s wife is “running with the devil.” As in the occult. And ghosts. And UFOs. And “stuff.”

Seems that he’s scared because Patsy’s card readings are pretty much spot-on, which he deemed “spooky” on account of ties to an on-news suicide. There’s apparently a pendulum in their home.

She says she’s “a medium and a natural clairvoyant.” She breaks out some sort of truth sticks. I know, it’s really freaking weird. “I don’t play that,” says Jerry. “Nope. Nope. The woman’s nuts.”

Jerry reminds me of a dude who was in a 60s singing group. Seriously, look at him. See what I mean? Could’ve been one of Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes. According to Patsy, and a video she provided the “court,” he could appear on Hoarders, too. I mean, he hangs his ties in the bathroom. There’s a hat rack NEXT TO THE TOILET.

“We had a yard sale and I believe we made $5,” says Patsy.

“That’s what I told her!” retorts Jerry, intimating that the yard sale was a bit more lucrative than he let on.

“He chose to retire at 55,” says she.

Good for him. I’d be totally freaked out by a truth-seeking pendulum, too. Not that I have anything to hide. I don’t. But it’s just, well, weird.

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