Jenny Schults vs. Michael “Bill” Schults

Snapshot 2010-10-08 09-52-38 Snapshot 2010-10-08 09-49-52 Jenny Schults says Bill Schults is an absentee father. Bill Schults says Jenny Schults is a slob. He also wants $2,000 for a couch that he says she let the kids cut up with scissors. She counters that he’s “Archie Bunker” who, after 7.5 years, doesn’t know where the forks are in their kitchen.

He says he works a lot and she doesn’t cook anyway.

You know, instantly that a guy named Michael who goes by Bill is trailer trashy, even if he’s not living in a single-wide (He clearly isn’t. A reference was made to making much money in the court docs). I’m starting to feel Bill’s side of things, though. If lady gets to stay-at-home all day long, and don’t do work ’round the house, well, that’s a big problem. Where Mikebill sounds trashy, do-nothing Jenny is just a waste of space.

“All I want to know is do you keep the house clean or dontcha?” yells Judge Lynn.

“Well I do,” waste of space responds, “but the nanny kept it spotless.”

Yeah, she stays at home with a nanny, because daddy makes bank! And let’s the kids tear the house to bits. He also caught her checking out swingers sites and he ain’t into any other dudes being in the mix. “When I first met him, he knew I was bisexual,” she said. That don’t make him bisexual. Plus, she wanted to go out swinging alone! And, it seems, did do some sidepiecery.

Best she can come up with is how he’s got a booming system in his ride. “He’s a white boy driving around like he thinks he’s a white rapper,” says an ungrateful waste of space who spends $400 a month to get her hair done even though they haven’t put cent one away for the kid’s college.

Mikebill also has six TVs in his ride.


Mikebill wins this one beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even if he forgot how to spell “Jenny” one time.

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