If You’ve Always Wanted To Play Quizzo On A Boat, This Weekend Is Your Time To Shine

Previous Quizzo Bowl winners

Previous Quizzo Bowl winners

Noted Philly Quizzo Host Johnny Goodtimes passed word along about this weekend’s Quizzo Bowl X, which will be held aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia boat on Saturday afternoon.

Since I won’t be hosting at Murphy’s tomorrow night, consider this the announcement that you’d have heard over the mic in East Falls, yo. Sounds like it’ll be a good time.

The host, with dragons

The host, with dragons

Quizzo Goes Aquatic; Quizzo Bowl X to be Held on Spirit of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (February 6, 2014) – Johnny Goodtimes has decided to test the waters for the tenth edition of the most prestigious quizzo event on earth. He’s taking a crew of nerds and misfits aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia for a three hour tour of the Delaware River to answer trivia questions, listen to great music, and maybe send a cold one down the hatch–all while taking in the spectacular skyline views the Spirit offers.

“There are those who think this is a titanic mistake, and that this thing is going to be a shipwreck,” says Goodtimes. “And they’re probably on the right tack. But if the show does take on water, I think TJ Kong can bail us out.”

Kong will be providing tunes for the evening, teaming up with a yacht style band to play some of the smoothest yacht rock you’ve ever heard. He’ll rejoin his regular band, the Atomic Bomb, to tear the roof off the sucka at the afterparty, which will take place at Winterfest and is included in the price of admission.

Among the teams in attendance will be three-time winners Lambda Lambda Lambda, local quizzo legends Sofa Kingdom, and the defending champs: a band of nerd mercenaries and Jeopardy champions with over $1 million in combined winnings.

“But the goal of the quiz is, as always, for the last place team to have every bit as much fun as the first place team,” says Goodtimes, who will be giving out one of the largest prizes to the team that dresses in the best nautical theme. The quiz kicks off a busy 2014 for Goodtimes, kicks off a busy 2014 for Goodtimes, who recently became part owner of a sports apparel store at 13th and Walnut. Philadelphia’s hardest working Quizmaster will fly to LA to shoot a game show pilot next month. His first novel set to be published later this year.

Tickets to the event are now on sale, both on the website johnnygoodtimes.com and at Johnny’s weekly quizzos. Tickets are $50 in advance, $60 at the dock. There will be over $1500 worth of prizes given throughout the night to the winning teams. The previous nine Quizzo Bowls have all sold out, so Johnny encourages people to buy tickets ahead of time.

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