ICYMI: John Bolaris Declared Twitter (And Possibly Legal) War On A Philly Mag Writer Friday Night

It was John Bolaris vs. Victor Fiorillo on Twitter late Friday night. The former took issue with the latter’s story involving matters both fecal and rushing-to-print involved with the ongoing #doshot case.

I screengrabbed a few comments. You can look the rest up on your own: @JohnBolaris and @VictorFiorillo.

Will leave you with this thought, though: I think it’s time erbody stops kicking J Bo when he’s down. Yeah, yeah, he’s a moth swirling around the attention light bulb seeking any glimmer of illumination he can get. But, dude’s also a crime victim.

I don’t think he willingly frittered away a career to sate a famewhorish headline-junkie fix.

I hope he keeps his chin up.

(Read this third portion from the bottom up)

And, finally:

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