How Did The Mummers Embarrass Philly At The 2016 Parade?


Welcome back to an annual look at how Mummers comics and wench brigades brought shame unto the segment of a region’s population that doesn’t hide behind the use of unintelligent “satire” to mask its ignorance.

This year saw one Mummers screaming “Fuck the gays” on camera…

another crew gay-bashing a guy who made the mistake of walking his little doggie


… some high-quality transphobia upon which TV commentators didn’t comment because why look their low-end intelligence bell-curve gift horse in the mouth …

… friction between Black Lives Matters protestors and drunken parade attendees …

… and children in brownface!

As always, a war of words broke out online between people who call this a family “tradition” and those who expect more of a parade that receives city and corporate support and funding. That was fun.

I’ll just leave a few shots I took via the TV down here, too, since the parade’s more disgraceful elements are already drawing international attention.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.07.19 AM



This shit has to stop. Not the parade itself; there are some decent people involved. But, at the very least, take the goddamn wench and comic brigades off the TV and webcast coverage. If they want to wallow in their own muck, don’t make everybody else watch.

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