How a spammer got me this morning

Actual City College Norwich picture

Actual City College Norwich picture

6 a.m. Wake up to baby crying.

6:00-6:05 Change, entertain him till bride enters room.

6:06-6:10 Go downstairs to brew coffee, continue Twitter battle with anti-death-penalty activist. (I’m all for it; she isn’t, but I hope she appreciates the site link here all the same.) Put DVRd Daily show on.

6:11-6:34 Compile the day’s Hit-and-Run America post.

6:35 Open email. See one from my bride’s name. Subject line: Hi please come to my aid.

6:35:01 Start walking upstairs since bride is in the baby’s room.

6:35:02 Read the email as I’m walking up the steps.

I am writing you in a tensed mood, I had travelled to United Kingdom to visit a new researchers complex in Norwich (City College Norwich (CCN)) and unfortunately for me the hotel i lodged got razed by fire. I am so confused right now, I don’t know what to do or where to go. I didnt bring my phones here and the hotel telephone lines were disconnected during the incident. So I have access to only emails.

Please can you lend me 1,360 GBP = (2,095USD) for me to relocate to another hotel and also get another flight ticket. As soon as I get home I would refund it immediately.Please i need you to help me send the required amount through Western Union Money Transfer to the Details Below…

Once again i want to assure you that your money will be refunded as soon as i get back home .immediately you have the money transfered, please help me scan or write out the MTCN Number given to you at the western union outlet.i will be waiting anxiously for your positive response.

6:35:02 “Wait a second, my wife isn’t in Norwich, England. D’oh!”

6:35:03 Double-check to make sure bride doesn’t need my “aid.” She doesn’t.

6:35:04 Start writing this post.

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