Hit-And-Run Victim Polina Kadiyska’s Family Needs Your Help (Update)

The Daily News did a substantially less offensive follow-up story to the horrific South Philly hit-and-run that killed an 22-year-old Rock School dance student this week. You can read it via this link.

There’s a comment at the bottom of it, though, that I think you should read today, since it’s a plea for donations to help get Polina Kadiyska’s body home for burial. I’ll bold the pertinent portions. Help if you can, please.

This is a girl who was talented and brave to take upon a journey at the age of 19 to come from Bulgaria and study in the US aspiring to have a career, life and success here. It is just sad that this is how all this is ending, and again if anyone can help today, please donate towards her repatriation (transporting her body to Europe). It is unfortunate that in the midst of this tragedy, Polina’s parents are scrambling to cover the costs of returning her to her home country.

They have $4,000 and need an additional $3,200… If anyone is willing to reach out and help, please call 610-359-9021 by end of today Thursday March 22nd, and make a phone credit card donation.

This accident is such a shame and I can only image the profound loss her family, friends and school are experiencing now. I hope that they find at least a bit of peace in knowing that the local Philadelphia community could help them collect the remaining repatriation funds they’re short on.

I also question how this and a few other Philly.com stories about her are written and why… it seems that the journalist wanted to capitalize on seemingly juicy info rather than even remotely highlight the human tragedy in what happened – perhaps that is just what sells better these days… But if so then what about the drunk driver? What kind of “sidework” (if any) was he doing prior to 4 am before he killed her after comfortably getting into a high-end Audi. And could he offer to at least cover repatriation for her? But of course, we will not judge the criminal, we’ll just jump on a victim who is dead and can’t even defend herself… not to mention that all these details are just irrelevant.

This accident was fatal and if anyone can help in this time of crisis for Polina’s family, please do so by end of today – call 610-359-9021 and make a donation. Every little bit will help.

That the number to Euro Market in Broomall. The woman there, Valeria Gospodinov, who knew Polina from the time she arrived in the states, said at 1 p.m. that they’d raised $6,000 of the $7,200 they need.

Gospodinov said they need to raise the money today as the family, and the coffin, are scheduled to fly back to Bulgaria tomorrow.

UPDATE: Someone who called to make a donation notified me around dinnertime that they were told enough money had been raised to cover the cost to get Polina and her family home to Bulgaria. Good on those people who helped a family at their time of horrible need.


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