Hit-and-Run America

scalp Continued.
18. Vallejo, Calif. Jan. 25. Blue sedan strikes, critically injures 39-year-old man crossing the street.
19. St. Bernard Parish, La. Jan. 25. 37-year-old woman fatally struck by an unidentified vehicle. Then struck by another vehicle, the driver of which notified police.
20. Jackson, NJ. Jan. 25. Man struck by unidentified vehicle, suffers head injury.
21. Canton, Ct. Jan. 26. 7-year-old girl struck by red car. Police may have already identified the vehicle. Girl remains hospitalized.
22. St. Augustine, Fla. Jan. 25. 6-year-old on skateboard struck by unidentified vehicle. Injuries non-life-threatening.
23. Auburn, Cal. Jan. 22. Blind man with a cane struck by late ’90s gold or dark tan General Motors pickup.
24. San Francisco. Jan. 27. Four people struck by vehicle that fled scene. Further information to come.

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