Hit-and-Run America, Vol. DLXXIII

Hit-and-run hate-crime victim Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein

Hit-and-run hate-crime victim Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein

An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously.

5966. Wilmington, NC. Dec. 3. Woman injured when struck by a dark-colored Ford Escape which fled the scene.

5967. Los Angeles, Cal. Dec. 2. 10-year-old boy critically injured when struck by a dark-colored vehicle which fled the scene.

5968. Caln, Pa. Dec. 4. 19-year-old woman fatally struck by a dark grey 2011 Honda Pilot SUV which fled the scene.

5969. Daly City, Cal. Dec. 4. 78-year-old man fatally struck by a full-sized pickup truck which fled the scene.

5970. Kansas City, Mo. Dec. 4. 15-year-old boy fatally struck by an SUV which fled the scene; driver later caught; FBI involved for hate-crime investigation.

5971. Kosciusko, Miss. Dec. 5. 38-year-old man fatally struck by a 2011 to 2014 Chrysler 200 Sebring which fled the scene.

5972. Dedham, Mass. Dec. 5. 54-year-old woman fatally struck by a Ford Escape which fled the scene.

5973-74. Bronx, NY. Dec. 6. 47- and 41-year-old women injured struck by a 2010 Ford ambulette which fled the scene.

5975. San Jose, Cal. Dec. 5. Woman fatally struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

5976. Hendersonville, NC. Dec. 6. 2-year-old boy injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

5977. El Paso, Texas. Dec. 5. Unidentified man fatally struck by a black car which fled the scene.

5978-81. Riverside, Cal. Dec. 6. Four people struck by a vehicle, at a protest, which fled the scene.

5982. Holland, Mich. Dec. 6. Man on bicycle injured when struck by a Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee which fled the scene.

5983. Upper Marlboro, Md. Dec. 6. 76-year-old man fatally struck by a which fled the scene.

5984. Kinston, NC. Dec. 7. Woman injured when struck by a white vehicle which fled the scene.

5985. Erie, Pa. Dec. 7. Man critically injured when struck by a dark-colored sedan which fled the scene.

Related stories:

And I quote (I)…

After Michael Grubbs was hit and killed while pushing his granddaughter in a stroller along South Rainbow Boulevard, all that was left at the scene was the blood-strained bumper of the car that hit him.

Galina Kilova was driving the gray Honda Civic on Nov. 24 that hit Grubbs, 63, and his 1-year-old grandchild on the shoulder of Rainbow and then fled the scene of the accident, according to a Metro Police arrest report.

And I quote (II)…

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Newly released video shows a Kansas City police officer injured in a hit and run.

And I quote (III)…

Chapel Hill, N.C. — Police said Thursday that they are looking for two vehicles in connection with a September hit-and-run in Chapel Hill that injured a Durham man.

And I quote (IV)…

OGDEN — Ogden police have released a picture of the truck they believe was involved in the fatal hit and run of a skateboarder in November.

And I quote (V)…

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) – As a Plant High School cheerleader continues to recover from injuries inflicted by a hit-and-run driver, her family and friends are showering her with support.

“It’s just really amazing to see all of these different people coming from all of these different walks of life to support Jackie and lift her up constantly,” said Gracie Henley, a Plant High School senior and friend of Jackie.

And I quote (VI)…

JERSEY CITY — As federal officials arrested the man accused of striking two brothers in a hit-and-run in North Bergen, the Viruet family was saying goodbye to one of his victims.

Rogelio Chavix-Tacen, 38, of Guatemala, was arrested in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday night, just a half an hour before 20-year-old Michael Viruet — who Chavix-Tacen allegedly struck— died in the hospital, Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari said on Friday. The U.S. Marshal Service found him hiding under a bed in a cousin’s home, he said.

“We got him,” Schillari said at a press conference at the county plaza. “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

And I quote (VII)…

Witnesses catch drunk hit and run suspect, hold him until police arrive

And I quote (VIII)…

A Sloan teenager who hit and killed a pedestrian last summer on Borden Road in Cheektowaga, stopped and got out of the car, then got back in and drove away was sentenced Thursday to one to three years in prison.

Erie County Judge Thomas P. Franczyk granted the 18-year-old defendant youthful-offender status, sealing his criminal record.

The defendant had pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal accident after the vehicle he was driving jumped the curb and hit Rickey J. Mullar, 47, who police said died at the scene.

And I quote (IX)…

A San Diego man accused of intentionally running over his ex-wife had apparently been jealous of her new boyfriend and wanted to reconcile with her, prosecutors said.

And I quote (X)…

Police: Car in fatal hit-and-run found on fire

And I quote (XI)…

Two men died in Raleigh on a frozen-over night 10 months ago, smashed by a Volvo that fled down Interstate 40.

On Saturday, emergency responders in the vacation town of Carolina Beach found two bodies in the wreckage from a suspected arson spree.

In both cases, the same name appeared in police statements: Marshall Hudson Doran, 22.

And I quote (XII)…

COLLEGE STATION – A hit-and-run suspect in College Station faces additional charges after police say he spat on hospital staff that was treating him for injuries.

Francisco Jesus Sanchez, 26 of Navasota, faces charges of Harassment of a Public Servant, DWI (first) and Accident Involving Damage to a Vehicle. The harassment charge is a third-degree felony. The others are misdemeanors.

And I quote (XIII)…

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN 6) — A Good Samaritan was struck on I-205 after stopping to help another motorist early Sunday morning.

The owner of a white pickup truck police searched for following the hit-and-run has been arrested on charges unrelated to the crash, police said.

Richard Irvine, 63, is being treated in hospital for life threatening injuries.

Caught, convicted, court appearance or car-on-car inStamford, Ct.; Richmond, Va.; South Portland, Maine; Salt Lake City, Utah; Clearwater, Fla.; Farmingdale, NY; Suffolk, NY; Lewiston, Idaho; South Portland, Maine; Las Vegas, Nev.; Sanford, Fla.; Plattsburgh, NY; Harrison Twp., Ohio; Flint, Mich.; Norwalk, Ct.

More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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