Hit-and-Run America, Vol. DCXVII

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An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously.

6686. Coos Bay, Oreg. May 25. 17-year-old boy injured when struck by a vehicle which fled the scene; car found, driver remains at large.

6687. Mountain View, Cal. June 4. Bicyclist injured when struck by a older model, gold, two-door Ford Ranger pickup truck which fled the scene.

6688. Mobile, Ala. June 3. Pedestrian critically injured when struck by a vehicle which fled the scene; driver later arrested.

6689. Gary, Ind. June 3. Bicyclist fatally struck by a newer model Chevrolet which fled the scene.

6690. Las Vegas, Nev. June 4. 67-year-old man on bicycle fatally struck by a ark green 1999 Honda Civic DX four-door sedan which fled the scene.

6691. Bronx, NY. June 5. 7-year-old boy fatally struck by a Mercedes SUV which fled the scene.

6692. Miami, Fla. June 6. 31-year-old woman who’d been shot fatally struck by a silver sedan which fled the scene.

6693. East Liberty, Pa. June 5. Man in his 20s injured when struck by a small dark sedan which fled the scene.

6694. Rosemead, Cal. June 6. Man on bicycle fatally struck by two vehicles, one unidentified and the other a late 2000 model white mini-van, which fled the scene.

6695. Indianapolis, Ind. June 5. Pedestrian injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

6696-97. Flint, Mich. June 6. Two women fatally struck by a vehicle which fled the scene; driver later arrested.

6698. Pennsville, NJ. June 6. 17-year-old male badly injured when struck by a Hyundai Elantra which fled the scene.

6699-6700. Boston, Mass. June 6. 8-year-old girl killed and 12-year-old boy injured when struck by a vehicle which fled the scene; driver later arrested.

6701. Bossier City, La. June 6. Man in his 50s fatally struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

6702. Crawfordsville, Ind. June 7. 28-year-old woman badly injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

6703. Baltimore, Md. June 6. 5-year-old boy injured when struck by a dirt bike which fled the scene.

6704. Gainesville, Texas. June 6. 62-year-old woman fatally struck by a gray Mercury which fled the scene.

6705. Philadelphia, Pa. June 6. 21-year-old man critically injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

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And I quote (I)…

At Ozark High School’s graduation earlier this month, one seat was left empty. It’s where Timothy Sparks would have sat, but Sparks was killed by a car that struck him while riding his bicycle on July 3.

Sparks was on State Route NN in Ozark. He was 18 at the time of the hit-and-run. Ten months have since passed.

Days after Sparks’s death, a tip about a nearby party led police to seize a vehicle, and shortly thereafter a man called police to confess to the hit-and-run, court records say.

However, no charges have been filed, and both Ozark Police and Christian County Prosecutor Amy Fite said the case is still under investigation.

And I quote (II)…

A Linden Police officer lost his driver’s license for six months and was fined after he pleaded guilty Wednesday to backing his vehicle into an occupied SUV in February and then driving off.

And I quote (III)…

Local car dealership helps police find hit and run evidence

And I quote (IV)…

The Alaska Senate majority’s chief spokeswoman was charged with three felonies and misdemeanor driving under the influence after police said she struck two women and drove away from the parking lot of the state Legislature’s Anchorage office building Tuesday around 5:30 p.m.

Senate press secretary Carolyn Kuckertz, 38, backed her sedan out of a parking space and hit one woman hard enough to knock the glasses off her face and send her to the hospital, according to charges and a sworn police statement filed Wednesday in Anchorage district court. She then bumped a second woman “in the back of her leg, causing pain,” the charges said.

“Witnesses reported the driver stopped and appeared to know she struck the victim because she had a look of shock on her face,” the charging documents said. “Another witness told the driver to stop and the driver said, ‘I can’t.’ ”

When a police officer later confronted the driver, she was so drunk she swayed while standing, the officer said.

And I quote (V)…

The eight women and five men listening to prosecutors’ case against a Garden City man aren’t being asked to weigh whether he did anything wrong in striking and killing a bicyclist on a dark and rainy night.

Instead, jurors will decide whether Gavin Haley, 31, knew or should have known that he had hit Victor Haskell, 53, of Boise, in the early morning of Sept. 27, 2013, on State Street — and whether he fulfilled his legal obligation to summon help and notify police.

And I quote (VI)…

“All I needed was five seconds to pass that intersection before you got there,” she told Dagoberto Castañon. “But all you needed to do was stop.”

And I quote (VII)…

Far removed from an era when New Yorkers knew him as the drunken motorman in a nightmarish subway crash, Robert Ray once again found himself in a miserable situation.

This time, Ray was the victim, mowed down by a hit-and-run driver as he tried to cross a busy thoroughfare in the Bronx. Witnesses said Ray appeared to be intoxicated.

The accident last week left the 62-year-old Ray with a skull fracture and broken leg — and also stirred memories of his notorious past.

“I was shocked,” said Ray’s former defense attorney, Michael Parson. “Of course, there’s tremendous irony, particularly if alcohol was involved.”

And I quote (VIII)…

The investigation of last week’s hit-and-run in Harrison, which left a 90-year-old woman hospitalized, came to a close today.

Steven V. Mochan, 57, of Kearny was arrested today and charged with assault by auto and leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury after an anonymous tip led authorities to Mochan, Harrison police Capt. Michael Green said.

Mary Hennit, a Harrison resident, was on her way to church on Saturday at 3:45 when she was struck by a black SUV while crossing South Fifth Street on Harrison Avenue, police said. Hennit was thrown 11 feet and the driver of the vehicle sped away.

And I quote (IX)…

Police Still Looking For Leads in 2012 Fatality Hit and Run Accident

And I quote (X)…

Onofre Perez, a former Cuban revolutionary who spent nearly three decades as a political prisoner on the communist island, died late Saturday afternoon from injuries he suffered last month when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver crossing the street in Little Havana.

And I quote (XI)…

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A high school senior accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian and driving away, is six days away from graduating. But instead of walking with her class, she will walk into a courtroom, charged with a felony.

And I quote

A driver accused of striking a teenage girl in Kailua-Kona was chased down by a skateboarder and detained until police arrived.

Joshua Lambus was in a car behind the SUV when he saw it driving erratically on Saturday afternoon, reports West Hawaii Today. Pedestrians were forced to leap out of the way as the driver nearly pinned them against the guardrail and almost hit a bicyclist, he said.

“I just wanted him to stop almost killing people,” said Lambus.

Caught, convicted, court appearance or car-on-car inPhoenix, Az.; Tulsa, Okla.; San Diego, Cal.; DeLand, Fla.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Farmingville, NY; Henrico, Va.; Rogers County, Okla.; Flushing, Mich.; Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Chicago, Ill.

More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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