Hit-and-Run America, Vol. DCCLII

An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously.

9872. Boulder, Colo. June 14. Woman injured.

9873. Bay Shore, NY. June 14. Man injured.

9874. Indianapolis, Ind. June 15. 27-year-old man killed.

9875. Huntsville, Ala. June 14. 5-year-old boy injured.

9876. Colorado Springs, Colo. June 14. Man injured.

9877. Rock Island, Ill. June 14. 26-year-old man killed.

9878. Toledo, Ohio. June 16. Bicyclist injured.

9879. Chicago, Ill. June 15. 52-year-old woman injured.

9880. San Antonio, Texas. June 16. Bicyclist injured.

9877. Montauk, NY. June 14. 30-year-old U.S. Marine injured.

9878. San Diego, Cal. June 16. Child injured.

9879. Worcester, Mass. June 17. 33-year-old man injured.

9880. Beaufort Co., SC. June 15. 38-year-old man killed.

9881. Somersworth, NH. June 17. Woman killed.

9882. El Paso, Texas. June 18. 68-year-old man injured.

9883. Chicago, Ill. June 17. 23-year-old man killed.

9884. Sumpter Co, SC. June 18. Pedestrian killed.

9885. Decatur, Ill. June 18. Pedestrian injured.

9886. Chapin, SC. June 18. Pedestrian killed.

9887. Towson, Md. June 19. 20-year-old man killed.

9888. Redding, Cal. June 20. 51-year-old man injured.

9889. Burlington Twp., NJ. June 19. Woman injured.

9890. Denver, Colo. June 19. Bicyclist injured.

9891. Pasadena, Cal. June 18. 64-year-old man badly injured.

9892. Durham, NC. June 21. Woman injured.

9893. Henry County, Ga. June 19. 16-year-old girl killed.

9894. Fort Wayne, Ind. June 20. Bicyclist critically injured.

9895. Amarillo, Texas. June 26. 57-year-old man killed.

9896. Salinas, Cal. June 21. 17-year-old male injured.

9897. Fresno, Cal. June 20. Woman injured.

9898. Lancaster, NY. June 22. 27-year-old man killed.

9899. Ashburn, Va. June 21. Pedestrian injured.

9900. Tuscaloosa, Ala. June 22. 57-year-old man killed.

9901. Portland, Ore. June 22. 26-year-old woman critically injured.

9902. Belcamp, Md. June 22. Pedestrian injured.

9903. Glendale, Ariz. June 22. Man in his 20s killed.

9904. Thornapple Twp., Mich. June 23. 40-year-old woman killed.

9905. Lancaster Co., SC. June 23. 42-year-old man killed.

9906. Providence, RI. June 24. 46-year-old man injured.

9907. Salem Twp., Pa. June 24. 35-year-old man killed.

9908. Norwalk, Va. June 22. Child injured.

9909. Fall River, Mass. June 22. 57-year-old woman injured.

9910-11. Chicago, Ill. June 23. Two injured.

9912. Barry County, Mich. June 23. 40-year-old woman killed.

9913-14. Sioux Falls, SD. June 24. Man and woman injured.

9915. Conemaugh Twp., Pa. June 24. Bicyclist injured.

9916. Charlotte, NC. June 24. Child injured.

9917. Needham, Mass. June 23. 22-year-old man injured.

9918. San Antonio, Texas. June 24. Man killed.

9919. Las Vegas, Nev. June 25. Pedestrian injured.

Related stories:

And I quote (I)…

WEST VALLEY CITY — The dog that police say a West Valley man died defending has been found safe.

Since news spread that 47-year-old Jeremy Hardman had died in what police called a deliberate attack by a man Hardman had confronted about allegedly mistreating a dog, West Valley police said in a news release Thursday that numerous inquiries have come in about the animal’s well-being.

And I quote (II)…

An MTA cop was looking to “serve and protect” only himself when he struck a man while on patrol — driving the injured victim to Staten Island, dumping him on a remote street and warning him to keep his mouth shut, officials said Thursday.

“What he did to me is not right,” Julio Canete told The Post, adding that the ordeal left him with two damaged discs in his spine and lingering pain in his legs and shoulders.

And I quote (III)…

She later reported, as she lay in the hospital with spine injuries, that she heard honking before a car rammed her, crushing her spine and leaving her paralyzed, according to court documents.

“I almost didn’t answer it, because it was late and I was already in bed and was expecting him home any minute,” Sarah Chambless, Benson’s wife, said. She got a ride to the hospital. “He had blood all over his face, blood coming out of his ear, so it was pretty scary.”

And I quote (V)…

LEE TWP, MI — Protesting the hit-and-run death of his dog, police say a man decided to prop the pet on a chair near a busy road with a sign saying “Thanks.

And I quote (VI)…

“You saved my life,” Noela said. “It’s a big thing what you did — staying with me. You don’t even know me.”

And I quote (VII)…

What is even more bizarre, the woman told police that after the hit-and-run, the man attempted to lift her up, but when she started repeating the license plate number of the vehicle, the driver got into the vehicle and left the scene, police said.

And I quote (VIII)…

“There was about 10 people here, and slowly, one by one, they started leaving [because] cops are not showing up,” one witness said.

And I quote (IX)…

After a Lehigh County judge denied a prosecutor’s motion Monday that could have sent a man accused in a fatal hit-and-run back to jail for violating bail conditions, the victim’s family stormed out of the courtroom, saying they feel the defendant is being treated differently because he’s white.

And I quote (X)…

“I said, ‘Sheri, they’re taking me to the hospital.’ I said, ‘A car bumped into me and I got some scrapes and bruises.’ So I didn’t tell her the extent then. They proceeded to carry me to the hospital,” Griffis said, recounting the call he made to the eldest of his five daughters after he was hit by the car.

And I quote (XI)…

And I quote (XII)…

GREEN OAK TOWNSHIP, MI – A 20-year-old Fowlerville man was formally charged this week in the September hit-and-run death of a man in Green Oak Township.

And I quote (XIII)…

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) – Alexis Derise, Jr., the man charged in the fatal hit and run accident that took the life of cyclist Andy Heines back in July of last year, did not show up in court Friday as he was supposed to.

And I quote (XIV)…

A 20-year-old cyclist was sent to the hospital on Monday after some manner of terrible incident occurred while he was riding in Belmont Gardens. Police say he fell, but family members aren’t buying it.

And I quote (XV)…

“I just want to tell him that whenever he thinks that his life is hard or sad, mine and my baby’s life is always gonna be harder and sadder because he took away the most important person to us,” Leyva-Andrews said.

And I quote (XVI)…

“It just shows how much life she’s impacted for people from all walks of life to come and celebrate her,” said Christelle Bakatukanda, the victim’s sister.

And I quote (XVII)…

“She just died right there in his arms,” Robin’s sister, Brenda Dunn, said. “He said he doesn’t know how he’s going on without her.”


Caught, convicted, court appearance or car-on-car inCharlottesville, Va.; West Hartland, Ct.; Wilmington, Del.; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Gastonia, NC; Ormond Beach, Fla.; Charlotte, NC; Costa Mesa, Cal.; Moline Acres, Mo.;  Sanford, Fla.; Bear, Del.; Portland, Ore.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Tucson, Ariz.; Fort Lee, NJ; Valdosta, Ga.; Grand Island, NY; Baltimore, Md.; Waterbury, Ct.; Shreveport, La.; Philadelphia, Pa.

More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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