Hit-and-Run America, Vol. DCCCLVII

An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously. After a respite from keeping the list, it restarted in January 2019, highlighting one case a day. If there’s a case you’ve seen that deserves highlighting, drop me a line at hickey@brianphickey.com.

12017. But there’s something else he doesn’t understand: why Chicago police still haven’t made an arrest for the hit-and-run, which happened more than nine months ago. What’s more, he said police have left him in the dark about what even led to the crash. “Haven’t heard anything,” he said. “They won’t even talk to me.”

12018. “I think you should take responsibility for your actions,” said Shenell Walker, Moore’s niece. “There’s no reason to leave a person laying on the ground.”

12019. According to police, a bicyclist was reportedly struck by a light blue Subaru Outback. The Subaru allegedly came to a brief stop before leaving the scene. Police say the bicyclist was transported to a local hospital with “substantial injuries.”

12020. “I found my daughter’s tooth at the scene,” said Manuela. “It shouldn’t have been my job to investigate what happened to my daughter…they should see these people as human beings. I don’t think they’re taking it serious.”

12021. “According to witnesses, her body was launched about 10 feet,” said Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small.

12022. After allegedly striking and killing a four-year-old girl in a hit-and-run, Kenneth Martinez was arrested Tuesday night. Panama City Beach Police Chief JR Talamantez said Martinez was not cooperative. “He provided little to no remorse of the situation,” Talamantez said. “In fact, he said he thought he killed a dog.”

12023. A hit-and-run driver struck three Trinity College students who were trying to cross a street in Hartford, killing one and wounding the two others, city police said Friday as they continued searching for the suspect.

12024. “I’ve been sick to my stomach,” said Sheila Ozias whose sister, Sharla, was hit at that bus stop. “I couldn’t even believe it, I was shocked like it’s shocking that it happened and especially knowing how severe the injuries were.”

12025. The Melrose Park Police Department’s investigation is in full swing as they continue their search for the hit-and-run driver responsible for claiming the life of a west suburban man, who they identified as 61-year-old Alfonso Parra. Now, investigators said the Stone Park resident had just gotten of the bus and was crossing the street when he was struck by a dark SUV.

12026. A 20-year-old college runner in town for a track meet died, and several of his teammates were injured, when a car struck the group Thursday evening in York County. The incident, which involved members of the Milligan University cross country and track and field teams, happened just after 6 p.m., state police said.

More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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