Hit-and-Run America, Vol. CCXLVII

EugeneFisher-221x300 An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously.

1951. Wapato, Wash. Oct. 8. 13-year-old boy injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

1952. Orlando, Fla. Oct. 10. Pedestrian injured when struck by a silver or gray compact car that fled the scene.

1953. Hiawatha, Iowa. Oct. 7. 88-year-old man killed in a hit-and-run motor vehicle.

1954-5. Altamonte Springs, Fla. Oct. 11. 23-year-old was killed and 16-year-old hurt and rushed to a nearby hospital after being struck by a car that fled the scene. Said Police, “one neighbor actually saw a vehicle leave the scene, but she could not give a type or make of the vehicle.”

1956. Cheektowaga, NY. Oct. 11. Woman injured when struck by a 2003 or 2004 metallic slate grey Chevy Impala or similar vehicle which fled the scene.

1957. Indianapolis. Oct. 10. 47-year-old woman remains in a medically induced coma with a collapsed lung, broken arm and head trauma after, while walking her dog, being struck by a newer model green minivan driven by a white woman with long hair.

For years Roxanne’s sister has lived with a handicap. When the victim was just 3 years old she was hit by another car. That accident paralyzed Desiree on the left side of her body, and she has walked with a noticeable limp ever since.

Roxanne believes that same limp is what the driver noticed as the suspect collided with her sister. That’s why she had a direct message for the suspect:

“You are very cowardly person to hit a girl who has a handicap and drive away from it,” she said. “Are you a mother or a grandmother? You left my sister to die.”

1958. Palmhurst, Texas. Oct. 12. Teenager remains unresponsive in the ICU after being struck by a light-colored lifted F-250 with a brush guard and possibly custom wheels that fled the scene.

1959. Omaha, Neb. Oct. 11. 67-year-old man injured when struck by an unidentified vehicle which fled the scene.

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Justine Abshire case update:

Jury selection in the murder trial of Eric Dee Abshire lasted six hours Wednesday, resulting in the placement of four men and 10 women to decide the mysterious case of a young wife found dead on a rural road.

Two jurors, drawn by lot, will serve as alternates.

Abshire, 36, faces first-degree murder and perjury charges in the death five years ago of his newlywed wife, Justine Abshire. The 27-year-old kindergarten teacher at Culpeper’s Emerald Hill Elementary School was found dead alongside Taylorsville Road near Barboursville on the early morning of Nov. 3, 2006 in what was initially reported as a hit-and-run. It was later found that the accident scene was staged and that Justine suffered numerous blunt force injuries on her body not consistent with a hit-and-run.

Justice served:

A man who died in a fall from an 11-story parking structure adjacent to San Diego City Hall has been identified as the defendant in a fatal hit-and-run case in Imperial County.

Kyle Pearson, 42, fell or jumped from the structure Monday afternoon as hundreds of Occupy San Diego protesters were camped out in the plaza, police said. He was declared dead at the scene.

And I quote (I)…

Sean McGuire, 24, was arrested at 6 a.m. Oct. 9 and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report injury, according to Glenview police. A judge issued a $30,000 bond Oct. 10, and McGuire’s next court date was set for Oct. 26.

And I quote (II)…

With her hair worn up in a bun and dressed in an orange and white striped Gratiot County Jail uniform, Brandie Malek stood before Circuit Court Judge Michelle Rick and withdrew her motion to be released on a personal recognizance bond.
Malek, 36, has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death, following the hit and run accident that killed 14 year-old Brandon Rummer of Sumner, in July

And I quote (III)

Prichard (Ala.) Police Chief Jimmie Gardner said 82-year-old Janie Pogue, who was hit by a stolen SUV on Saturday, Oct. 8, passed away early Wednesday morning.

Police said 17-year-old Roderick Williams and two other teens were in the stolen SUV when they hit Pogue, who was working in her yard. Police said the teens ran from the scene, leaving the elderly woman pinned under the vehicle.

Jail records show Williams was booked into Mobile Metro Jail around 5:22 p.m. Saturday. He was released on bail less than two hours later.

And I quote (IV)

CONCORD, Calif. — An infant was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a hit-and-run crash in Concord Tuesday afternoon that flipped one car over.

And I quote (V) …

Meanwhile others will likely be charged in helping Berzas make his getaway. Detectives aren’t sure where Berzas is but have talked with him several times by phone and urge him to surrender.
We did speak with Berzas’ mother. She declined to go on camera but said she has been in contact with her son.
“I’ve talked with him several times. He’s scared out of his whits. He wants to turn himself in but fears he may spend the rest of his life in jail. I’m also so sorry to the McBride family. I’m am so sorry. I know that my not be any consolation, but they are in my prayers.” said Sue Berzas. “I just really want Aaron to turn himself in. I just want him home. He has said he was going to turn himself in a couple of times but he is just scared.”

And I quote (VI) …

A passing motorcyclist chased down a driver Tucson police say raced off after hitting a teenage girl in a crosswalk Tuesday morning.

And I quote (VII) …

An Oct. 5 hit-and-run incident left crossing guard Pete Slavtcheff with 35 stitches in his right lower leg and a better understanding of how many lives he has touched over the years.
Slavtcheff, 86, was placing traffic cones on the street outside J.D. Parker Elementary School in Stuart when a passing vehicle clipped the “No U-turn” sign he was holding, causing the sign to swing down and hit his leg.
“It sent me sprawling out in the middle of the street,” he said.
An ambulance transported him to the emergency room, where medical staff treated his wound. After the incident, there was an outpouring of support from the community, staff and students.

And I quote (VIII) …

A former Lodi fire captain faces DUI and hit-and-run charges after he allegedly clipped a woman walking in a crosswalk with his truck. Scott Thomas was arrested by Lodi police after they identified him as the driver of a green pickup truck that had clipped the woman in a crosswalk at Lower Sacramento Road and Tejon Drive, according to a police report.

Caught, convicted, court appearance or car-on-car in … Denver, Co.; Colchester, Ct.; Williamsport, Pa.; Rochester, Ill.; Napa, Cal.; Pineview Reservoir, Utah; Walla Walla, Wash.; Beltsville, Md.; Weehawken, NJ; Seabrook, NC


More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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