Hit-and-Run America (Vol. 5)

CT The list: Nos. 1-17, 18-24, 25-30, 31-39, 40-43.

40. Clayton, Ga. Jan. 10. 55-year-old Waffle House employee struck and killed by unknown vehicle while walking to work.
41. Lower Pottsgrove, Pa. Jan. 28. Woman struck by vehicle outside pharmacy. Treated for minor injuries.
42. Athens, Ga. Feb. 1. Jogger struck by bronze late-1990s model Toyota or Honda; driver “stopped to apologize, asked if she could call someone and then drove away, police said.”
43. Lexington, Ky. Feb. 3. Woman in her 80s struck by car that witnesses say “was all over the road when the accident happened. … Police say they’re following up on leads for the driver who is believed to be driving a older model, light blue Nissan.”

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