Hit-and-Run America

Lauderhill, Fla. victim

Lauderhill, Fla. victim

The list: Nos. 1-17, 18-24, 25-30, 31-39, 40-43, 44-56, 57-64, 65-72.

65. Lauderhill, Fla. Feb. 9. 71-year-old bicyclist (pictured) struck and killed by unidentified vehicle.
66. Oakland, Cal. Feb. 10. 45-year-old woman struck and killed by “a dark blue or black car, possibly a Lexus.”
67. Fontana, Calif. Feb. 10. Unidentified man struck and killed by unidentified “semi-truck.”
22527025_240X180 68. Hartsville, Tenn. Feb. 10. 7-year-old Cub Scout (pictured) struck and killed by a “mid-sized, late model, four-door car, possibly champagne or a similar color. The car may also have significant damage to the right front headlight and turn signal.”
69. Franklin Park, Ill. Feb. 7. 57-year-old suffers numerous fractures, injuries when presumably struck by “light-colored minivan was seen in the area at the time of the incident, though police are unsure whether the vehicle was involved in the hit-and-run.”
70. Merriam, Ks. Feb. 8. 59-year-old man fatally struck by unidentified vehicle.
71. Albany, Ga. Feb. 9. 46-year-old man in car struck, killed by collision with “a light blue vehicle that resembles a Chevrolet Impala.”
72. Tulsa, Ok. Feb. 9. Blind musician hospitalized after multi-car wreck, the cause-car of which, a white sedan, fled.

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