Hit-and-Run America (Updated)

Orono, Maine fatal hit-and-run victim

Orono, Maine fatal hit-and-run victim

The list: Nos. 1-17, 18-24, 25-30, 31-39, 40-43, 44-56.

44. Shelby, Mich. Jan. 27. 16-year-old boy struck by “a 1997 to 2003 full size royal blue Ford pick-up. The right front headlight will be broken … and the truck is missing its passenger side mirror.”
45. Macungie, Pa. Feb. 4. Woman between 30 and 50 years old, and was not carrying any identification, struck by unidentified car on highway.
46. Annville Twp, Pa. Feb. 4. Pedestrian struck by vehicle. (Not much info yet.)
47. Carver, Mass. Feb. 5. 52-year-old man struck, seriously injured by unidentified vehicle.
48. Fresno, Cal. Feb. 4. 31-year-old man struck and killed by DUI-person-of-interest not-yet-apprehended.
49. Cook County, Ill. Feb. 2. 61-year-old bicyclist struck and killed by “a 1996-2002 Chevrolet van, color unknown.”
50. Carlsbad, NM. 31-year-old man fatally struck by an unidentified vehicle that fled.
51. Charlotte, NC. Feb. 2. 46-year-old man critically injured after being struck by a “1998 Lincoln Navigator. The vehicle probably has right front damage and damage to the right headlight.”
52. Modesto, Cal. 30-year-old bicyclist suffers concussion after being struck by unidentified vehicle.
53. Palmyra, Pa. 14-year-old struck, injured by an unidentified vehicle.
54. Rancho Bernardo, Cal. Feb. 5. Man suffers “serious head injury and another minor injuries” after struck by an unidentified car.
55. Midland, Texas. Feb. 6. Man stuck by SUV.
56. Ridgeland, Miss. Feb. 5. Unidentified man struck by unidentified victim. Witnesses only heard the impact.

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