Hey Philadelphia Inquirer, You Missed A Few Local Football Players With Super Bowl Cred

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As part of today’s interesting feature on Denver Broncos’ Temple Owls product Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton, the Philadelphia Inquirer provided a nifty graphic of “Local Super Bowl Participants.”

All 30 listed played at either Temple (22), Villanova (7) or Penn (1). You can see it here:


So, who was among the missing? Oh, only two Super Bowl QBs — Rich Gannon and Joe Flacco — who played college football at the University of Delaware, a school located as much in Philadelphia as Villanova. Big Five blah blah blah, space concerns wah wah wah. Don’t care. The Blue Hens should have been named, as a mere 45 miles away is within MY definition of local.

Oh, also, former Blue Hen Mike Adams will play in this year’s Super Bowl, on the same defense as Pot Roast. Want more from Delaware? Gino Gradkowski, a center, was on Flacco’s Ravens. Tight End Ben Patrick scored a touchdown for Arizona in Super Bowl XLIII. And finally, Ivory Sully played for the Rams in Super Bowl XIV.

Including this year’s players, that’s seven. Or, as many as you listed as playing from Villanova.


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