Hey Look, I’m Nominated For A Pen & Pencil Club Award. Please Go Vote For Your Preferred Candidate.


I know we’re all sick of elections and popularity contests and the like. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the fact that I’m nominated for the Best Commentary of 2016 Award through the Pen & Pencil Club in Philly.

You may remember that award contest through such entries as Hickey Wins For Breaking News in 2013, Hickey Loses For Social Media in 2014 and (my personal favorite) Hickey Doesn’t Get Nominated For Anything in 2015.

Anyway, I’m up for the commentary award this year. It’s a nice honor. And the other nominees (well, the two that I personally know at least, but I’ll include the strangers in this as well) are great folks.

Go vote for whomever you think should win. Here’s the link.

But remember, the other four shouldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, left four people to die in Benghazi and want to get their relatives top-level security clearance that could ultimately bring this country to an end.

It’s an important decision.

Make it wisely.


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