Black Friday Highlight Reel: Cell-Phone Battle Royale At Walmart & Cali Mall Brawl (With The 2011 Classic ‘$2 Waffle Maker Near-Riot’)

I found these videos after, oh, five minutes with the YouTube search engine. It is evidence of cultural de-evolution. Of what people are willing to do to save a few bucks on products they don’t need but are all geeked up by consumerist gimmickry.

Animals. Morons. Our fellow Americans.

Here, they battle for cell phones at Walmart:

Then, there’s this battle of unclear manifestation from the Galleria Mall in Roseville, Cal.:

And then, there’s this from last Black Friday. It’s for a $2 waffle maker. It’s for a lazy gift that nobody wants under their tree, a product that will likely break by New Year’s:

Mayans were right.

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