Here’s Video Of A Philadelphia Gentleman Picking A Fight With A Car And Losing [Updated]

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 7.07.41 AM

You may think you’ve seen a better YouTube video filmed in what is most assuredly Philadelphia. But you haven’t. I mean, how can you top a man yelling at a car — does he think it’s responsible for cutting unemployment checks? and why won’t that car just LEAVE HIM ALONE? — before getting bested by said vehicle in a battle of wills?

You can’t. Real talk. (Side note: I’d love to read that police report, so if y’all recognize what district that’s in, let me know, yo.)

Realer talk: Hope he didn’t get a TBI from that head-into-concrete-slam. Godspeed, noble warrior.

UPDATE: 1) A trusted work associate has notified me that this here video made its way to World Star Hip Hop late last week and provided me with proof thereof. 2) I have since pinpointed the location of said incident and will take a spin by posthaste.

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