Here’s Proof That You Can Get Away With Jumping Someone In A Philadelphia Supermarket [UPDATED]

When we last checked in with Kevin Tavarez, Tomas Eanes and Jose Ruiz, the former was boasting on Twitter about how assaulting some guy in a Northeast Philadelphia Pathmark store was among his favorite memories of 2012.

This week, we can see why. On Twitter, one of the trio charged in connection with said assault (viewable on video at the bottom of the post) declared “Case Closed” and “I’m a free man.”

That would be @KashMoneyAC, who includes in his Twitter profile “#Pussy #Money #Codeine” which is pretty boss.

To summarize, Philadelphia’s court system is so screwed up that crimes being captured on video do not ensure prosecution. Or, as a faithful tipster explained it, “justice takes a relaxing nap on a cold day.”

But at least the DA’s office got 20 pounds of weed off the streets and Philly Police pinched two Asian massage-parlor employees, right?

UPDATE: It appears that the lone 18-year-old arrestee, Tomas Eanes, is still scheduled for simple-assault trial on March 27.

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