Here’s How You Can Win Cash Money In My Son’s Soccer Team’s Spring 50/50 Fundraiser

UPDATE: Having just received a donation of 1,000 KN95 masks to help raise money for the team (can be seen in the photo below), anybody who donates $25+ will receive a box of 10 in addition to their 50/50 entries.


I know what you’re thinking: Jeez, why is Hickey asking me for money again?


Trust me, I would be asking myself the same thing if the roles were reversed. But luckily, I have a very good answer for that!


Last summer, you were all so generous and kind and giving that we launched the inaugural VSA Roma season without any financial worries looming directly over our collective heads. I still can’t put into words how appreciative the entire VSA Roma family is for that.


Not only have the boys managed to medal in five tournaments so far this season and compile a 17-8-4 record, but they’ve gained new friendships, life experiences and learned a whole lot from their excellent coaches. Your kindness enabled us to fund seven full or partial scholarships. None of this paragraph would have been possible without you.


So why am I sharing this post with you today? Because fields and tournaments aren’t cheap and we want to keep moving forward so this inaugural VSA Roma team can thrive not only this Spring, but well into the future.


To that end, we’re launching a Spring fundraiser 50/50 drawing. While I didn’t contact sponsors to provide prizes again (saving that for the Fall), this will be a Straight-Up Winner Gets Half, Team Gets Half fundraiser. (I’m putting our tickets for the Philadelphia Union’s Feb. 26 home opener in as a second place prize so it’s not just a straight-cash equation.)


Tickets are $10 each. I hope that at least 400 are sold by me and other VSA Roma parents so the winner walks away with at least $2,000. In a perfect world, we will far surpass that goal.


The drawing will be held one month from today (February 12)


Do you want to grab a/some ticket/tickets? We can make that happen! Reach out to me via email (hickey at brianphickey dot com or brianhickey9 at gmail), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Venmo (brian-patrick-hickey) or PayPal.


Even if you can’t buy raffles again this time, thank you, thank you, thank you for the support — be that financial or rooting for the squad from afar.

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