Here’s a Great Shot of Lionel Messi After Xavi’s Decisive Goal vs. Granada

So, I didn’t get home from a friend’s daughter’s third birthday party until the 79th minute of today’s Barcelona/Granada match. But oh, those lingering minutes were something else. For a team that hasn’t beaten Barca in about forever, theirs was a stoic stand.

Alas for them, it was not to be when Xavi plunked one off the underbelly of the crossbar for an 87th minute goal that gave Barca a 1-0 lead (that would become a 2-0 victory a few minutes later after Lionel Messi rebounded one off a defender and into the net. (It’d have been an Barca goal anyway, but still.)

As you can see above, Leo was amped even before that.

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