Here Are A Few Videos From The Monday Night ‘Riot’ At UD

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I’ve never been prouder of the diploma I earned at the University of Delaware in 1995. Though, among the litany of irresponsible things I did as a Blue Hen, I never rioted, per se. Humbling.

Three people are facing charges after a party devolved into a disorderly “mob” of several thousand people in downtown Newark Monday night, police said.

A total of 75 police officers and several K-9 units from four agencies were called to Main Street to help disperse the unruly crowd, which at one point blocked traffic and walked on the hoods of cars.

Some property damage was reported, police said, including several damaged cars, tipped-over trashcans and damaged signs.

By 1 a.m., most of the crowd had broken up, but police from several agencies were still present on the University of Delaware’s Laird Campus, where at least some of the students ended up. [Newark Post]


Main Street Represent!


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