Help Police Solve A Brutal Sexual Assault That Happened 15 Years Ago in Fairmount


Sure, I left NewsWorks for PhillyVoice more than two months ago, but my last ‘HYY byline arrived yesterday. It was part of a series that Dave Gambacorta from the Daily News and I had been working on regarding stories about cold cases that would appear on both sites.

Please give it a read and let police know if you have any knowledge of who was responsible for this heinous crime in Fairmount.

Fifteen years ago, a brutal sexual assault left a Fairmount woman hospitalized with physical injuries that would heal, but memories that would haunt her to this day.

Around 10 p.m., she was in her kitchen having a glass of wine and cooking when a man armed with a silver handgun snuck in through a side door, told her not to scream and asked, “Where’s the money?”

She was then forced upstairs, where she handed over her credit cards including an American Express Optimum Card, which she said would give him access to cash.

Then, he raped her. [NewsWorks]

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